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EURUSD Technical Intraday Analysis update

The cash hedging of soon-to-expire FX option strikes can have a magnetic effect on FX price action and add to nearby support/resistance. There are some large strikes worth noting for Friday, July 5, and for the week ahead.

Stand-out EUR/USD strikes are on Monday between 1.0785-1.0800 on 2.6 billion euros and on Tuesday at 1.0800 on 1.3-billion and between 1.0900-10 on 2.1 billion euros. On Wednesday, there are strikes at 1.0770-75 on 2.3 billion euros, 1.0875-80 on 1-billion and 1.0900 on 1.3 billion euros. Thursday has 1.0700 strike expiries on 2.7 billion euros, 1.0735-45 on 3 billion, 1.0770 on 1.8 billion, 1.0860-65 on 1 billion and 1.0900 on 1.3 billion euros. Friday has 3 billion euros between 1.0690 and 1.0710 and 1.5 billion euros at 1.0850.

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